LABVIEW host computer monitoring platform

The upper computer monitoring platform based on LABVIEW is established, including the attitude information acquisition, map information feedback and transmission control signals of the flapping wing robot. The upper computer operation interface is shown in Figure 1. The interface 1 can synchronously simulate the attitude of the flapping wing flying robot, the flapping speed and the steering motion of the tail wing, and the interface 2 can display the attitude data, including angular acceleration (ACCX, ACCY, ACCZ), angular velocity (GORX, GORY, GORZ) and Angle (Roll, PITCH, YAW) information, interface three display map information, mark the flight position of the flapping wing machine, record the flight route, interface four can simulate the three-channel control signal and display the return attitude data, showing the latitude and longitude.



LABVIEW host computer monitoring platform

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Aiming at the independently developed rudder-driven flapping-wing robot USTBird, the aircraft designed a two-function attitude control platform with both computer physics engine simulation and hardware platform experiment. In the experimental part, the part model is drawn by solidworks, the 3D printer prints the parts assembly, the main control chip adopts stm32 chip, the attitude detection part adopts mpu6050 six-axis sensor, and the wireless communication part adopts hc-12 wireless communication module and upper computer to realize data exchange.

Based on the Unity3D platform, the attitude control interface of the flapping wing machine is designed to communicate with the experimental platform through the serial port. The attitude parameters of the flapping wing machine are collected, and the tilt angle of the flapping machine is controlled by PID. The simulation platform is developed by the unity3d platform based on the csharp language. The simulation is based on the real physical properties of the 3D model based on the physx physics engine of NVIDIA

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